Itgrix integrates your Asterisk and Bitrix24 CRM

Take control of your phone sales in Bitrix24 with Itgrix Asterisk-connector.


7 day's full version. Write us to order 

01. About connector

connector's main goals


To save managers’ time when executing routine tasks.                                                                                  


Complete and objective call history in CRM, which helps to not miss clients and improve the quality of telephone sales.


To keep the reliability of telephony (your PBX works independently of Bitrix24).

02. geography

Our product is installed worldwide


why itgrix?

Integrates with any modern Asterisk

  • Asterisk 1.8, 10 and above,
    pure Asterisk / FreePBX / Issabel / Elastix

Maintain full Asterisk logic

  • Keeps all functionality and call logic of
    your Asterisk-based PBX system

 Call statistic
  • A variety of call statistics tools
    in Bitrix24 are available

  • Correspondence between external numbers (trunks) and call sources or external lines in CRM Leads

Free technical support

  • Free english speaking technical support is always ready to help you

Implemented customization interface

  • Wide customization opportunities
    for your tasks

04. features

itgrix main Features

Call fixation

All incoming and outgoing calls are recorded in CRM

automatic lead generation

A Lead or Contact is automatically created for unknown numbers,
even if the portal page is closed in the browser

call recording

Call records is attached to the client immediately upon the end of call


Don't waste time dialing. Click on the client number in the CRM, pick up the phone and wait for the connection with the client

recording missed calls

All missed calls are recorded and the “Call back” task is created.
Control the tasks execution order—don’t lose Leads

connection with a responsible specialist

Clients are automatically connected to personal managers (auto call distribution)

analytics in CRM

The Head of Sales can see call statistics using Bitrix24 reports and graphs or Asterisk dashboard

05. screens


Satisfied customers


Guys, you have one of the best services from the technical support side in my background. It's not worse than such banks as Tinkoff or Tochka, but you are more humane.


Dear colleagues, we've succeed in connecting Asterisk, respect to you!


Thank you so much, such a divine product!


Asterisk and Bitrix integration Module works good! Problems occures, but they are always solved by the support team, thanks them a lot!

06. Work process

How to start

We created simple instructions for your easy start

Step 1.  Install the application in Bitrix24
Install Itgrix from Bitrix24 marketplace
Step 2. Install the server-side application

In case of any problems, please contact our support team

07. order

our offers



  • Limitations of the free version:
    - two users
    - one trunk
    - one call source
    - call records upload in B24
    - only basic customizations
  • 7 days Full version by order 

Cloud Bitrix24

7 days trial

from 49 $ / mo
3, 6, 12 months

  • unlimited users
  • unlimited trunks and call source
  • call records stored optional
    on Astertisk or upload in B24 
  • black or white calls filters
  • lead creation is optional (turn on/off)
  • full customization tool

on-premise Bitrix24

7 days trial

999 $ / first year
preferential renewal 198 $ / year

  • or from 49 $ / month as cloud
  • functionality as cloud
08. FAQ

Have any problems?

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions

How to pay
Non-cash payment to the current account Bank card (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro)
Electronic money (Webmoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI)
How to install
Install this application in Bitrix24. Install the Itgrix application on Bitrix24: follow the guide
Setup manual
Troubleshooting articles
Help in integration of Bitrix24 and Asterisk, solve the frequent problems and customization examples
Read more
license agreement and privacy policy
End-User License Agreement (EULA)

If you are puzzled how to install,
we can work it out for a fee

Remote access to the portal and Asterisk server is required. 
14 days full license included.

We are

Itgro software company 

Since 2010 develope ecommerce, b2b portals, mobile apps.
Since 2015 integrate Bitrix24, Asterisk, and other systems.
We also install and configure Asterisk, consulting in Bitrix24.